The annual award “Dusan Vasiljev” awarded by The Municipal Assembly of Kikinda is given with the attempt to promote contemporary Serbian literature and to express appreciation for the works of our great poetry, prose and drama writer, Dusan Vasiljev. He was born in Kikinda in 1900, died in 1924.



The recipients of this prestigious award are, among others, Milorad Pavic, Stevan Raickovic, Milisav Savic, Gojko Tešić, Ranko Risojević, etc. The award is given for best book of the year in the artistic genres of prose and poetry, but also for essays in literary theory and criticism published in Serbian language.

This year, at the third meeting held on May 13th 2013, the jury unanimously awarded:

Draga Kekanovića for novel “ Boar’s heart”

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